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Welcome on pages of Paintball Liberec – Bojovat.cz

We offer highest quality and complex services for people interested in paintball which is adrenalin and full of action game. Paintball is quickly growing sport which offers relaxation, opportunity for team building and delivers exclusive amount of adrenalin.

You don’t have to be best Word’s athlete or strongest man to get very good at this game, but there is essential need of quick mind and making fast decisions. This sport is for those of you who like enjoy something special, unusual and adventurous.

You can know yourselves better, test your courage and team coordination while fighting in the woods, buildings or we can prepare real scenarios with armors on battlefield. We will fully equip you and make all preparations for your group or firm just as you desire.

Ideal number for game is from 20 to 30 players. There is no problem arranging game for individuals and smaller groups after you contact us we will join you up to somebody. We offer UNBEATABLE PRICE for top quality equipment, Tippmann guns, masks, gloves camo clothing, you just take boots and we will provide everything else.

If you demand, there is no problem to arrange military armors, background in a form of a big tent, food and drink of your choice and also toilets.

We play in military zone of Ralsko, or we can come to your place and provide you with all necessary. Don’t hesitate and email or call as, come to be gladly surprised with quality of our services.

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EMAIL: paintball@bojovat.cz
TEL: +420777975699